Cork Wreath – DIY

DIY Cork Wreath

I wouldn’t call myself a crafty person but I do like to create things on occasion. It’s cheap therapy. I am also into doing my part to reduce waste and so I like to reuse, recycle, repurpose whenever I can. If something artistic or useful results from it, that’s a fringe benefit.

I also like to drink wine.  I don’t really have a preference but it seems that I drink (and serve) more red wine in the winter and more white varieties in the summer. I like to do my part for the environment as well and repurpose the corks instead of having them end up in a landfill. Here is a way to remember the enjoyable wine experiences among friends with a memento while being environmentally friendly at the same time.

Cork Wreath

Secret Ingredients

* 300-350 corks for a 17″ wreath (450-500 corks for a 21″ wreath)
* 14″ or 18″ flora craft straw wreath (found at Michael’s or JoAnn’s Crafts)
* String, twine, or thin ribbon (even cable ties work if you have some)
* Glue gun and lots of glue sticks (I used about 40 small ones for a 17″ wreath and 50+ for a 21″ wreath)
* Newspaper to protect your work surface
* Several hours (I did the first layer on one day and the second layer the next).


1. Tie a string in one or two places on the straw wreath to enable you to hang it later.
2. Glue corks end to end in the interior and exterior circle of the wreath. Hold each cork in place for a few seconds to secure it.
3. Add about 7 rows of corks for a small wreath ( 10 rows for a large wreath) so that the entire viewable base is covered. No need to cover the back as it will hang flat on a wall. I use the less decorative corks or those that I have a lot of for the first layer. (The first layer will take roughly 150 corks for a 17″ wreath and roughly 270 corks for a 21 inch wreath).
4. Begin the second and final layer by adding the corks in a random pattern. Position one or two dollops of glue in different places on the cork you are adding to secure it in this way being careful not to let the glue show.